Get Ready For The Unaffordable Obamacare Premium Rate Hikes

Just as the deadline is about to hit for insurers to post their health insurance rates, Obamacare is ensuring that premiums skyrocket once again.

Already, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare, is back in the headlines as rates were announced to increase on Louisianians by about 24 percent.

On a dozen of select plans for health insurance, the Obama administration has already approved increases of 60.5 percent, 48.8 percent and 20 percent. In Tennessee, Blue Cross Blue Shield is looking to hike health care premiums a whopping 36 percent.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said today in a news release that Republicans must be willing to act to replace Obamacare, referring to a plan that he is spearheading.

“Some Louisiana families might face a 60.5 percent increase in their health care premiums—that’s unacceptable,” said Cassidy in a statement. “Our workers, small businesses and families are being crushed by Obamacare’s mandates and high costs. If given the opportunity to start replacing Obamacare with patient-centered solutions, Republicans need to be ready—King v. Burwell might be that opportunity. Affordable, accessible health care that gives patients the power must be a reality.”

Under Cassidy’s ‘Patient Freedom Act,’ the controversial employer mandates and individual mandates are out, along with the Essential Health Benefits mandates, which force healthcare plans to cover everything under the sun that the individual is then forced to pay for. In addition, all of the federal mandates in Obamacare would be an idea of the past.

Rate hikes for Louisianians thanks to Obamacare are nothing new. Last year, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and Vantage Health all increased their health insurance premiums by double digits.

Check back for updates on specific health insurance premium rate hikes here at the Hayride. 



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