Bill Cassidy’s Alternative To Obamacare That Will Silence Democrats

Remember that old line from Democrats about Republicans wanting to get rid of Obamacare, but not having any alternative to replace it? Well, freshman Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has just laid that question to rest.

Just as the Supreme Court is set to rule on the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, Cassidy has created the Patient Freedom Act, which would repeal all of the mandates required under Obamacare. The Supreme Court ruling has the potential to cripple Obamacare by ending subsidies to some 37 states.

Cassidy’s Patient Freedom Act, though, could solve that problem.

Under Cassidy’s plan, the controversial employer mandates and individual mandates are out, along with the Essential Health Benefits mandates, which force healthcare plans to cover everything under the sun that the individual is then forced to pay for.

Federal mandates would be an idea of the past under Cassidy’s legislation.

Cassidy told Newsmax that by eliminating the mandates of Obamacare, the cost of healthcare will drop, saying that the mandates have driven costs up to at least 400 percent more than what they should be.

Funding, under Cassidy’s plan, would go straight to the patient via per capita bloc grants to states or through federal tax credit funding. The plan would also allow individuals to keep their same healthcare plans while switching jobs or moving around without the burden of a penalty.

And individuals with pre-existing conditions would be allowed to have continuous coverage and young people will be able to stay on their parents’ healthcare plan until they are 26 years-old.

Though both proposals are part of Obamacare, Cassidy’s plan mandates that healthcare providers make public the cash price of services that can be reimbursed by individuals through a Health Savings Account.

With Cassidy at the helm, Republicans are more than ready for the Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare’s key components. And Cassidy said that we should all expect what the Democrats and Obama administration will do right after.

Cassidy said that if it rules in favor of the plaintiff and Obamacare suffers a severe wound, Republicans “can sit idly by as 5 million Americans lose their healthcare protection. Then the president will hold a news conference and bring in a woman in the middle of chemotherapy who couldn’t have further treatment and say this is what happens as a result of the ruling.”

“Or, we can say ‘we have a plan.’ This is our moment.”

If the Supreme Court does strike down the Obamacare subsidies, Cassidy’s plan will still face an uphill battle, as it will be a hard sell to the House and Senate leadership, as Scott McKay pointed out in his American Spectator piece this week.

Additionally, if the GOP backs Cassidy’s plan and passes it through the House and Senate, the legislation still faces a veto threat from President Obama, who is very unlikely to scrap is hallmark, legacy legislation.



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