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“The 2015 legislative session may not go down in history as the single-worst session for the state’s business community, but it was one of the worst, according to business leaders who weighed in on the session today.” –Baton Rouge Business Report

“East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor President Kip Holden on Monday declared the defeat of the St. George petition this weekend a win for the parish, but said he wanted to extend an olive branch to leaders of the movement to create a new city.” –The Advocate

“It was not easy; who won and who lost in this session?” –KTBS

“As a result, many in the business community feel like they have no other choice than to begin looking more seriously at the fall ballot, with an eye to electing a friendlier Legislature — and in some cases maybe serve up retribution.” –The Ind

“Tom Benson’s lawyers will be back in court Tuesday (June 16) in the Saints and Pelicans owner’s fight to cut his daughter and grandchildren out of team ownership.” –Times-Picayune

“A nascent attempt to enforce a ban on Airbnb-style rentals, long sought by neighborhood groups who see them as a corrosive nuisance, has been cut off before any of the accused landlords could be prosecuted.” –Times-Picayune

“If Morrell feels like his colleagues are a bunch of wolves, I feel like we citizens were lunch for the wolves.” –C.B. Forgotston

“The budget for FY16 was never intended to be for 12 months.  It was “front-end loaded” to get through the fall elections and until the next governor assumes office in January.” –C.B. Forgotston

“Orleans Parish school Superintendent Henderson Lewis Jr. has spent $31,000 to renovate his office at the same time he’s proposed extensive cuts to the central office, according to a report in the New Orleans Advocate.” –Times-Picayune


“Today, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against a medical marijuana patient who was fired by Dish Network after failing a drug test. The patient, Brandon Coats, was paralyzed in a car crash as a teenager and became a medical marijuana patient in 2009. He was fired in 2010 after THC, the intoxicant in marijuana, was detected.” –Rare.us

“How come natives never go native? Maybe they can’t. I’ll have to ferret out the logic on this one. Or maybe they’re too smart to do it. But there seems to be no shortage of gringos who wish to be something other than what they are.” –American Spectator

“Shockingly, Judith disagrees with not only the sexual predators being tried as a juvenile, but she claims that they should not be tried at all. Why? Because they are black.” –The PCMD Gazette

“While ObamaCare proponents are quick to cheer about high enrollment as a sign of “success”, it is important to understand why a majority of enrollees are participating in the exchanges. A closer look at the numbers reveals that well over a majority of enrollees who were previously insured are on the exchange because they were forced out of their prior coverage.” –Uncover Obamacare.com

“Donald Trump is running for president.

The multi-billionaire announced his presidential plans today from his namesake tower in New York City.” –Daily Mail

“Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical. In a document released by an Italian magazine on Monday, the pontiff will warn that failure to act would have “grave consequences for all of us”.” –The Guardian

“The 192-page document is Pope Francis’ first major teaching letter on climate change and its effects on the planet’s poor. Hailed by some as the “Pope of the poor,” Francis’ linkage of environmental and economic issues puts the Vatican out front on a closely watched topic.” –Time

“Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president accused of pretending to be black, tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive live interview that she identifies as black — something she started doing at the age of five.” –NBC News

“After getting humiliated by his own party on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill that would give Barack Obama the fast-track authority he seeks for a trans-pacific free-trade agreement, the President spent the weekend working the phones as well as the four-iron, according to Josh Earnest yesterday. He twisted arms, cajoled, and tried to persuade House Democrats to breathe life into the vote on the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) portion of the bill that Democrats torpedoed in order to get the Senate version to his desk. With a potential revote as early as today, Obama’s pressure had a significant impact. It got the vote pushed out all the way to the end of July:” –Hotair

“Discrimination by sex and by race are ancient innate pathologies and transcend particular cultures. But the American idea of sexism and racism in the 21st century — unfailing, endemic, and institutional discrimination by a majority-white-male-privileged culture against both women and so-called non-white minorities — has largely become a leftist construct.” –National Review

Avoiding pain at almost all costs is at the heart of left-wing ideas and policies. That’s why kids can no longer run around during recess at so many American schools. They might get hurt. That’s why child protective services takes children away from parents who allow their children to walk home alone or even play alone in the family backyard for 90 minutes without a parent at home.” –National Review

“It got me wondering, would someone like Jeb, or another candidate that’s been struggling like he has, hire a crowd? Pay people to attend their rallies to make them seem like their gaining in popularity? We have seen Hillary Clinton stage appearances, knowing ahead of time the people she’d interact with. Would a staged rally be out of the question for a struggling GOP candidate? According to “Crowds On Demand”, not at all.” –Liberty Chat



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