Why Is The Times Picayune Trying To Make An Issue Out Of These NOLA Tourism Ads?

It is obviously a slow news day for the Times Picayune/NOLA.com when the publication asks its readers whether or not tourism advertising truly reflects the city of New Orleans.

Now, here are the Hayride, we follow the fall-outs of the Big Easy and Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration. And we always give credit where credit is due and call out those in public office who are bankrupting the city culturally and economically.

Today, the Times Picayune took a perfectly normal strand of ‘Follow Your Nola’ tourism ads that the city has launched in order to keep tourists coming back to the area and turned them into a semi-controversy.

In the article, these are the questions that are asked about the ads:

Do you think the ads give an authentic taste of New Orleans? Not quite authentic enough? Watch the commercials below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Locals may raise a brow at a scene where Mardi Gras Indians dance down what appears to be a posh Uptown street. Another scene suggests the French Quarter regularly hosts spontaneous parties on par with the most intricate of Mardi Gras festivities (maybe not too far off).

And now here are the ads:

There is nothing wrong with these ads. In fact, they are very well scripted and edited, something the city is actually doing correctly. Obviously, there is going to be a slight exaggeration of events and happenings throughout the city for a tourism ad.

That is the entire concept of advertising, to sell a product.

While the Times Picayune focused on this question, it has been weeks now that Landrieu has not produced a report on the impact of a $10.10 minimum wage in the area.

We reported about the issue last week, and still no one is holding the administration accountable, though Landrieu is required by law to meet the deadline he already blew.



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