PRAGER U: Did Big Unions Buy Politicians?

The answer is, of course, yes.

This installment of Prager University doesn’t break any particularly new ground, but what it does is sum up in very understandable terms the problem of public employee unions and the effect they’re having on government.

We talk all the time here about the unworkability of the old Industrial Age governmental model we’re saddled with, and made reference to it with respect to education this morning. One reason it’s so difficult to break away from big, overweening, wasteful bureaucracies is the work done to entrench them by the people who benefit from their existence.

And the unions are the primary actors in that play.

Daniel DiSalvo, political science professor at the City College of New York, wraps the entire situation up in about five and a half minutes. Our readers generally know all this material, but it’s a great aid in explaining it to folks who don’t understand it.



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