Sorry Bobby, You Did Support Tax Increases This Year

This weekend, Governor Jindal sent out an e-mail to his nationwide list touting a successful legislative session. From an objective standpoint, Jindal did have a lot of successes in the session.

Here’s the e-mail with the title “I meant what I said” (the bold is Jindal’s):

Yesterday in Louisiana, we came together to pass a balanced budget that protects higher education and health care. And we did it without a tax increase.

If you think it’s time for a balanced budget in Washington – without tax increases – then stand with me.

We took back local control of education from the federal government. We’re on a path to get out of Common Core.

If you think it’s time we give control of education in America back to parents, not federal bureaucrats, then stand with me.

When I ran for Governor of Louisiana, I made a promise to the people of this state that I would not raise taxes. I kept my promise.

If you think it’s time we had leaders in D.C. who keep their promises to the people that elected them, then stand with me.

I’ve taken a lot of heat from politicians and special interests, including some in my own party, for my refusal to raise taxes. To some politicians, principles are meant to be compromised on and promises are meant to be broken. When I said I wouldn’t raise taxes, I meant it.

It’s long past time we had leaders in Washington who mean what they say, who don’t compromise their principles when the special interests start calling, and who keep the promises they made to the people who elected them.

If you agree, donate $50, $25 or even $10 so I know you stand with me.


P.S. I will be announcing my plans for 2016 on June 24, less than 2 weeks away. I hope you’ll stand with me then too. Let me know you’ve got my back by making a special donation of $6.24 today so I know you’ll be with me.

I didn’t include the links to give Jindal money because honestly at this point there are much better uses for your money such as buying lottery tickets or lighting it on fire. I only point out this e-mail because it is inaccurate.

Despite what Governor Jindal said, he did in fact raise taxes by around $900 million this session. Most of what Governor Jindal is calling “corporate welfare” are tax breaks to keep Louisiana competitive for all businesses compared to other states. “Corporate welfare” is special tax breaks for certain companies and industries that most businesses could not take advantage of. That was not touched in the various Tax Orgy Days this past session. If Jindal was serious about fighting “corporate welfare” than he should’ve led with one final push to reform Louisiana’s tax code to make it more competitive with other states.

Now Jindal might also point to his SAVE Act which creates a tax credit, but at the end its pushers were selling it as a statutory dedication for higher education funding. It’s a legal fiction that has no impact on revenues.

If Jindal is starting off his presidential campaign by promoting fiction, who knows what Jindal will do to win.



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