The House Ways And Means Committee Has Ensured That Jindal Will Veto The Budget

The House Ways and Means Committee has just voted to kill the SAVE Act. The bill was defeated 10-9 in committee.

The bill was an important part of making the budget “revenue-neutral.” The way it would’ve worked was that the Legislature would “impose” a $1500 fee on students at public universities. The fee would be covered the by state. In fact the law says that students do not have to pay the fee.

The committee balked at the hearing with both Republicans and Democrats very skeptical of the program to say the least. This is also one of the few bills that Governor Jindal and his staff lobbied for and actually testified in favor of.

After all the debate, there were a series of amendments to the legislation. Most of the amendments dealt with when the legislation would sunset.

It was all ultimately for nothing. The entire bill was rejected was on a very close 10-9 vote with three Republicans voting with all 7 Democrats.

The veto threats started nearly immediately from the Fourth Floor.

However, this may not be the end for the SAVE Act.

This is what happens when you have an independent Legislature with no guidance from the Governor. They’re so used to having the Governor dictate the state budget and what will happen in a session. Now that they have been set free by the fact that Governor Jindal has largely checked out of his responsibilites, they have made a mess of the budget. It is now increasingly likely that either a special session or a veto session will be called to fix the budget.

This session has proven that Louisiana needs a strong conservative governor in order to drive the agenda. No one in the Legislature has stepped up to take a leadership role and as a result, they’ve made a mess of this budget.




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