These Louisiana Abortionists Will Not Show Their Faces In Court

Louisiana abortion doctors will soon see their day in court, but they will be behind a screen giving testimony, making them anonymous to the public.

Abortion clinic doctors are challenging the state’s new patient admitting privilege law which requires abortion clinics to be located within 30 miles of a hospital in case something goes wrong with an abortion.

Three of the state’s five clinics are challenging the law and the abortion doctors involved have filed suit as “John Doe,” as they refuse to reveal their identities.

Also, a court order has made almost every piece of information on the abortion clinics confidential, which means we won’t be hearing much about the happenings inside these clinics.

Opponents of the law say it makes abortions impossible, while legislators who helped pass it, like Rep. Katrina Jackson (D-New Orleans), said it protected women after it was exposed that botched abortions often times end in the death of the mother.

Naturally, the law would kill business for Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant who claims to simply be offering healthcare for women, though abortion services are the majority of what they provide.



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