VIDEO: Clint Eastwood On Louisiana’s Budget Deal

Here’s the dog’s breakfast the Louisiana Legislature is working on as conservatism isn’t just in full retreat this session, it has been routed. Here’s what we’re looking at, courtesy of Jeremy Alford:

— A cigarette tax at 86 cents overall, lower than what the Senate proposed but higher than what the House was pushing.

— No change to the proposed suspension of the exemption on business utilities.

— An increase in funding for K-12 public education, mirroring the original MFP formula before it was dumped.

As has been the case for weeks, the outlier is SAVE. Senate President John Alario told LaPolitics this morning that the Senate has offered the House a three-year sunset on the convoluted tax credit program. A possible change in the $350 million cap is possible as well.

So we’re looking at an increase of the cigarette tax of $0.50, an increase of the business utilities tax by 25% (though not the 75% the C-store owners Chuck Kleckley and Lance Harris were looking for), and more money being sent to public education.

Here’s more info:

We have a budget that has the following:

  • Higher taxes on businesses and individuals
  • A budget that doesn’t actually cut anything
  • More money shoveled to K-12 for some of the worst educational outcomes in the country
  • No reform to higher education

This session is a complete disaster for conservatives and the budget is the icing on the cake.




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