BAYHAM: Facts And Friction Are Why The Established Media Obsesses Over Race

About a week ago I received a WWL 870 AM news alert on my smart phone about a black customer who was given a receipt with offensive racist language printed on it at a French Quarter restaurant I had never heard of.

Yet this morning I did not receive any kind of “alert” message from that same news entity about the fact that traffic on I-10 West in Metairie had been blocked for several hours because a dead body had been discovered run over on the side of the road.

Now which story would you say is something that is relevant news, whether you are black or white, especially if you are on your way to work?

The other day I received another “news alert” from the same source informing me that the cop who had responded to the pool fracas in McKinney, Texas has resigned.  Two days before a motorist was fatally shot on I-10 in New Orleans East.  Once again, a news alert was sent out for the former and not the latter.

Ostensibly the rival news outfits compete against each other, yet the members of the establishment media practically collude with each other on messaging- often you hear the exact same news from the Big Three networks and the nationally owned local radio stations, with the only difference between them all is the eloquence (and in the case of television, the physical attractiveness) of the news desk anchor.

And the establishment media has gleefully played the role of Don King feverishly pitting American society against each other because mob violence and racially tinged news stories not only get people’s attention, but beget more of the same as the professional protestors in other corners of the country try to out riot each other.

The violent reaction to what happened in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death was no doubt inspired by the riots that shook the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot in an altercation with a white police officer.

The black community has never profited from the news coverage as Baltimore and Ferguson have joined Watts and Detroit on the list of American cities eternally associated with violent, destructive riots.  And after the news trucks roll out, the residents are stuck with the smoldering ruins and the image of a community best avoided.

America has reaped the bitter harvest sown by a shameless and sensationalism-driven established media through their amplification of local incidents where the “perpetrator” is white and the “victim” is black.

The media will almost never give coverage to stories where the roles are reversed and black on black crime, for reasons that can only be speculated as members of the Fourth Estate won’t provide an explanation.

According to the FBI, there were 2,491 blacks murdered in America in 2012, with 90% of those killings  being committed by members of the same demographic.  Yet we only see the “Black Lives Matter” signs when there is a case where someone who was white (7.5%) was responsible.

Also worth noting in 2012, 3,005 whites were murdered, where 83% were committed by Caucasians with roughly 14% committed by African-Americans.

Of the 5,723 people murdered that year, 44% of the victims were black yet that segment of the population constituted 13% of the overall population.  A disproportionate number of black Americans are murdered and 9 out of 10 at the hands of fellow blacks, yet where is the outrage within the community?

Why do statistical “lightning strike deaths” where police fatally shot an unarmed black perpetrator, which occurred 136 times (negating the patently false yet widely circulated claim that it happens every 28 hours) receive so much media coverage?

Why is there so much silence over the 90% of the violence visiting the black community?  And why do you have to go to this blog to get this information and not the local newspaper, television station or WWL AM 870 “news alert” that would demonstrate that white folks are not big-game-hunting young black men?

The president’s incendiary rhetoric on all things racial has not helped matters but the root of mutual suspicion and distrust between races in America can be laid at the doorstep of the established media, which profits not from resolution but conflict.

For the establishment media it’s not about facts, but friction.



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