VIDEO: If You Haven’t Seen Carly Fiorina’s Ad Eviscerating Hillary, Watch It Here

This began circulating yesterday, and it’s more or less a culmination of a lot of things Fiorina has been working on as a long-shot presidential candidate (but a not-so-long-shot vice presidential hopeful).

She’s been giving some absolutely terrific speeches and gaining friends on the campaign circuit, and the central theme has been to beat the stew out of Hillary Clinton on all the usual fronts – from the obvious ground that as the woman in the GOP presidential field, she can do so without being tarred as a male chauvinist, or something.

That’s not enough to get elected, of course, and Fiorina’s one political foray so far was a rather rough Senate bid in California. But it’s without question a service to the Republican Party to be the candidate doing a strongly-effective job of delegitimizing the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. And Fiorina’s campaign so far, with this video serving as a perfect example, is doing just that.

Of course, the problem with all this is if Fiorina is too effective, she’ll defeat her own narrative – because what if Hillary isn’t the Democrats’ candidate?

Frankly, I find that quite likely – as I laid out in an interview I did with Conservative Report and also in my American Spectator column today.

If it comes down that way, Fiorina’s leverage as a potential Veep candidate probably doesn’t benefit. That said, she’s got talent and the party will owe her a debt nonetheless. And this video is the best shot to Hillary’s head we’ve seen so far.



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