What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The Democrat Party put this image up on its Facebook page last night…

Notice something about these people?

Old and white, right?

After decades of pandering to minority groups and actively assisting in the alienation of the majority of Americans with modern culture – white guys are now the least “cool” people in this country, and white males are legal victims of discrimination in all kinds of venues (though the complaints of Asian-American males have even more validity, particularly where academics are concerned) – after all of that activity, what have the Democrats produced?

Three privileged old white guys and an old white woman who got where she is by tolerating the philandering of a privileged white male husband and following behind him as he rose in politics.

This might as well be the 1950’s. It serves to expose the Democrats’ rhetoric about “white privilege” and the like for the pack of lies it is.

And the big question posed by this picture is this: given that so much of the Democrats’ electoral strategy, predating Barack Obama but achieving paramount priority during his time as the Democrats’ standard-bearer, has been the promotion of racial grievance and division in an effort to delegitimize and demonize Republicans as they criticized a black president, how does a rich old white candidate maintain the Obama coalition?

How does a Lincoln Chaffee or Martin O’Malley¬†motivate black voters to turn out at nearly 100 percent the way they did for Obama?

How does a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders connect with 20-somethings and college kids Obama received two-thirds of the votes of while getting record turnout from?

Race isn’t going to be a powerful motivator for the Democrats in 2016, because they don’t have the candidate to maximize its impact. Their candidate is going to look just like the Republican candidate will – or, if the GOP nominates a Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, the Democrat will be even more “white-bread” than the Republican. Toss in a summer of inner-city violence like we see brewing this year and, in all likelihood, another one in next year’s runup to the election, and it won’t be the traditional Democrat coalition getting big turnout numbers on Election Day.

The Democrats are going to have to talk about different things next year – and the metric system and a 90 percent tax rate aren’t going to cut it. The picture above shows us the Age of Obama is coming to an end.



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