When Will Mitch Landrieu Remove Andrew Jackson’s Statue In New Orleans?

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants to remove monuments all over the city of New Orleans that honor Confederates. He said this about the momuments he wants to replace.

“Symbols really do matter,” he said. “Symbols should reflect who we really are as a people.

“We have never been a culture, in essence, that revered war rather than peace, division rather than unity.”

In Landrieu’s quest to rid New Orleans of inappropriate and politically incorrect monuments, he’s missing the most famous one; Andrew Jackson‘s statue in Jackson Square. Here’s why if Landrieu is consistent Jackson’s statue has to go:

  • Jackson was a slave holder and a plantation owner.
  • He was responsible for the Trail of Tears, which was the forced eviction of Native Americans from the Southeast.
  • He purged the civil service and replaced his political opponents with his cronies.
  • Jackson was not only a slave holder, but supported censorship by Southern postmasters of anti-slavery tracts.
  • Finally, Jackson helped steal Florida from Spain.

It doesn’t matter if Jackson was the savior of New Orleans from the British or one of the founders of the modern Democratic Party. Besides in our new enlightened age, do we really want to honor a warrior?

If we’re going to purge the city of New Orleans of politically incorrect historical monuments, then we need to take down Andrew Jackson’s statue and rename Jackson square.




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