Buddy Caldwell Continues To Show His True Colors, Campaigns With Anti-Gun Barbara Norton

The allegedly Republican Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell continues to prove his real colors are Democrat blue. He was recently at the reelection announcement of one of the biggest liberals in the Louisiana House, Barbara Norton.

The guys over at Cajun Conservatism have a writeup of the Caldwell-Norton love fest.

This week, Louisiana’s Republican-In-Name-Only Attorney General Buddy Caldwell stood side by side with hard-left Democrat State Representative Barbara Norton at her re-election announcement in Shreveport.

Norton is a prominent member of the Democratic Caucus and the Legislative Black Caucus. Infamously known for believing “shall” does not mean “got to” in legislative language, Norton has been one of the Legislature’s staunchest supporters of Obamacare, gun control, and higher taxes.

So it comes as no surprise that Caldwell, who serenaded and praised Mary Landrieu at Washington Mardi Gras, would endorse another leftist. After all, Caldwell was a Democrat elected official for over 30 years before changing his registration to save his taxpayer-funded job.

This isn’t the first time that Caldwell has gone to bat for Louisiana’s far-left. His infamous “Buddy system“, which hires trial lawyers that donate to his campaigns to represent the state. Most of the time, Caldwell’s hired guns have been used to sue the business community

Caldwell is just an old-time crook and a closet Democrat as well. Louisiana will have a choice whether or not they want to continue with this or change to a more conservative direction.



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