New Orleans Was A Third World Country Last Week

New Orleans is kind of like Haiti nowadays.

Not in the sense of tsunamis and earthquakes, but more along the lines of clean water and violent crime.

Last week, east bank New Orleans residents and businesses were put through the ringer when they had to boil water for 38 hours. Let’s reiterate that: 38 HOURS.

What happened is that theĀ Carrollton Water Plant had some power surge issues last week and subsequently, it caused a short drop in pressure, therefore having to put out a boil water advisory to east bank New Orleans residents.

But, here is the kicker, the Sewerage and Water Board did not alert the public of the boil water advisory until 7 hours after the power surge and drop in press. Let’s reiterate that: 7 HOURS.

City and water plant officials say that it took so long to alert the public because first they had to make sure the water was even a danger to the public to begin with. Apparently, this took 7 hours. By that time, New Orleans residents were halfway through their day.

The consequences because of the over 24 hour boil water advisory meant New Orleans restaurants took a hit in business as they waited for the city to let them know that the water was safe and clean again.

New Orleans lawyer Louis LupinĀ explained to how ridiculous the water incident was.

“If I was a restaurant owner I’d be picketing in frustration,” said lawyer and New Orleans resident Louis Lupin. “It’s the lack of urgency — to me, it’s just an inconvenience. For them, it’s dollars.”

Regardless, the water issue is a mess. City and water officials are putting all the blame on Entergy, saying the power surge is what caused their water pumps to stop working.

However, the fact that it took the city’s water plant to put out a public announcement 7 hours after the power surge and then took a full 38 hours to remedy the problem is undoubtedly questionable.



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