CUNNINGHAM: A New Planned Parenthood Video Could Drop Tomorrow

Over at HotAir, there’s rumors of a fourth video (that may or may not be from the Center for Medical Progress) that could drop tomorrow – during a Texas Senate hearing.

The AG’s office isn’t saying where they got it, but Planned Parenthood’s Houston-area clinic thinks it was from Center for Medical Progress. They said Sunday people from BioMax Procurement Services talked to their researchers in April.

If the estimates from the Planned Parenthood establishment in Houston is wary that it could be CMP, and that the group took a tour of the facility in their sting operation. If that is the case, PP says, there could be as much as eight hours of video, which is a whole hell of a lot of information that could be out there.

However, there was also an investigation of that same establishment, so it could be an official Texas state investigative video. Either way, they seem to be freaking out a bit, because PPFA’s PR firm, SKDKnickerbocker, is telling media outlets not to show the videos because it could compromise patient privacy (a claim that speaks against the usual talking points, given that the only “patients” shown in the third film were the aborted children).

A hearing with exclusive video is a huge boon for the pro-life movement, which is gaining a ton of speed as essentially anyone who is not an elected Democrat is not happy about what shenanigans Planned Parenthood are up to. Polling is not really going to go with the Democrats on this issue if the videos continue to get more and more graphic in what they show from the clinics.



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