Pope Francis’ Pressing Issue He Is Meeting With Mitch Landrieu And World Leaders About May Shock You

New Orleans and other major cities around the world are plagued with violence and public corruption.

However, those are two issues that will most likely not be brought up when Pope Francis and world leaders, including New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, meet to talk about prominent cities and their problems.

Instead, Pope Francis will be speaking to Landrieu and others about “modern slavery and climate change.”

“It is an honor and privilege to join His Holiness Pope Francis as he brings together this group of international leaders for an action-oriented gathering about opportunities and challenges facing local governments,” Landrieu said in a prepared statement. “This type of honest, proactive collaboration will help create more peaceful, prosperous and resilient communities around the world.”

“According to the Vatican, the two crucial issues of modern slavery and climate change will be discussed for the first time by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in conjunction with representatives from the world’s most important cities,” according to city officials. “The Vatican says the event aims to raise the awareness among world leaders of the challenges and measures necessary in fighting climate change and modern slavery in local communities.”

Climate change, of course, refers to the idea that man has created or aided in the changing of the weather and environment. It is an idea that liberals in America have latched onto and ran with.

“Modern slavery,” though, is more vague. Nonetheless, Pope Francis is most likely referring to the idea that communities are trapped in the process of greed and consumerism.

Consumerism, materialism and capitalism have all been issues that Pope Francis talks the most about. Most recently, Pope Francis accepted a gift from Marxist dictator Evo Morales of Bolivia which was a crucifix of Jesus Christ on the famous communist logo, the hammer and sickle.

Pope Francis said he was not offended by the crucifix, saying that he was taking it back with him to the Vatican.



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