WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? Over 20,000 People Oppose Mitch Landrieu’s War On History

With now more than 20,000 people opposing Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s removal of Confederacy-related monuments, the question becomes: When is enough, enough for Landrieu to stop his war on history?

At SaveOurCircle.com, there are 20,242 supporters who have signed a petition asking Landrieu to “cease and desist any and all talks that involve the demolition and re-naming of the Robert E. Lee historical monument in Lee Circle.”

Landrieu is demanding the removal of these four monuments because they apparently invoke racism and offend the local NAACP: General Robert E. Lee Monument, known as Lee Circle, the General P.G.T. Beauregard Equestrian Statue in City Park, the Jefferson Davis Monument and the Liberty Monument.

The group ‘Save Our Circle’ was formed the day Landrieu announced that he wanted the four Confederate-related monuments removed from the city and replaced with “unifying” statues. Here’s their official petition manifesto:

This petition is in direct response to your attempt to open discussion on the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue and renaming of the Lee Circle. We strongly believe that any such talk or action would be irrevocably detrimental to bridging any gap between our fellow New Orleanians. We believe you do not create a future by pointing to the past. We don’t agree with you that this is a symbol of how we used to be. It is who we are. A proud union of people who defend our home regardless of the outcome. We at Save Our Circle hold Lee Circle in our fondest memories of New Orleans, the greatest city on Earth. You have a choice Mr. Mayor. Divide the citizens by giving into the agendas of one group or unite your fellow citizens and move into the future, together. We have a voice. We have a choice.Save Our Circle.

Now, less than 5,000 signatures are needed for the petition to reach 25,000 supporters. And the Save Our Circle Facebook page now has close to 4,500 members.

Founder of ‘Save Our Circle’ Tim Shea Carroll told the Hayride previously that they were “pursuing all legal avenues to prevent or subvert the mayors plan” to remove the Confederate monuments.

Landrieu call to remove Confederacy-related symbolism in the city came after a photo surfaced online of Charleston, South Carolina shooter Dylann Roof holding a Confederate flag.

A rally to support the historical monuments on the chopping block by Landrieu has been formed for Aug. 1 at Lee Circle in the Central Business District of New Orleans from 2:30pm through 5:00pm.



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