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“We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

In our efforts to discover a way and manner we can help our elected officials to see the error of their ways and the manner in which they’ve directed our nation to the edge of a precipice we may not soon be able to avoid dropping from; we must make them see they need to do the above action.

In that so many politicians are egotists and as such see no further than their personal abilities and theories this may prove to be a daunting task. Egotists believe the world revolves around them. They see, understand and interpret life and the world as being only pilotable from their wheelhouse. To be sure, more than one great ship of state has been run aground and scuttled by the supposed direction of individuals thought to be ordained by God and thus incapable of failure.

But this theory of their being the dominant element of society and as such inviolable is self-serving at the least and self-destructive at worst. But, as the Captain of the ship may go down with it, the rest of the crew will be cast adrift and potentially lost at sea because of the egotism of their “leadership”. No one person can control and direct the future of a nation and its inhabitants if only from the fact nobody is immortal. But man has and will always chase immortality through his political actions. This quest for immortality is found in the effort to create a “legacy”.

The drive to extend their legacy and thus create an edifice on some mental or physical object showing how they were the seminal influence moved a people to whatever point they’ve arrived at is absurd. The legacy of an idiot is idiocy and therefore without merit. The departure from a disdained legacy is potentially no better than the predecessor because the tangent the new form follows may be loonier than the one before it. No good can come from lemming following each other to oblivion simply because “that’s the way it’s been done traditionally”.

In America we follow a two party system composed of egotists and egomaniacal profligates demanding they be elevated for no greater reason than they say they’re worthy. Your self-worth is useless to us because we know you’re morally decaying and ethically challenged by your inflation of that worth. It’s unacceptable to be thought so stupid as to be believing of a statement simply because a person says it’s true.

For this reason the person must be “entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

Of course this is impossible for an egomaniac to achieve. He has to give up his godhood and accept he’s mortal as we all are. Strong stuff for a nutcase with an agenda. The agenda defines him and as such he is defined in a narrow-band manner showing he lacks depth in his construct. The politician is two-dimensional and as such displays a shallowness exhibited in the manner he proceeds down the tunnel he uses to define his vision for the future. Nobody can do it better than he, he thinks.

So; our politician must “let go and let God” handle the direction of his efforts. He must choose to let go of actions designed to produce an effect rather than to do what is morally right and ethically defined. The politician must move beyond the ego and accept the spiritual beyond his personal existence. The depth of his person must be greater than the shallowness of his politics: and himself. He must develop his character rather become one. Displaying quirkiness and a vaudevillian presentation to gain the attention of those he courts for votes is of no value to us as a nation; and a people of character following a moral, ethical, spiritual path.

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