The Map That Perfectly Depicts Just How Much Of A Fiscal Mess Liberal States Are In

Blue states these days are just not keeping up with the fiscal harmony of red states.

In a new map by the Mercatus Center, all 50 states are ranked by their overall fiscal solvency. And guess what, blue states are not doing good.

Of the top 20 most fiscally solvent states in the country, 16 of them are red states. And the worst states with fiscal solvency include the most liberal states in the country like California, Massachusetts, Illinois and New York.

Take a look at how each state ranks here:

states fiscal crisis

states fiscal crisis2

And now here are the states that are led by Democrat (blue) governors and states that are led by Republican (red) governors, so you can see how blue and red governors differ on fiscal solvency.

states fiscal crisis3

For a blue state like New Jersey that is run by Republican Gov. Chris Christie, the fiscal mess derives from the pension crisis that has long been going on, along with unbalanced budgets.

Speaking of budgets, Louisiana is one of the worst states when it comes to budget solvency. Take a look:

states fiscal crisis4

In terms of long-term solvency, though, red states have a huge upper hand on blue states. Take a look:

states fiscal crisis5



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