VIDEO: Katie Couric Interviews Ted Cruz

It’s an hour-long interview, and while it’s not snarlingly hostile it’s clear she thinks he’s (1) the devil and (2) hopelessly fringe. The questions are all hostile ones and the point of view is dismissive and haughty.

Cruz is never fazed by it and doesn’t back down in the slightest. He politely overpowers the majority of her questions – and to her credit, for the most part she gives him a chance to talk. Until she tries to pin him down on what to do with the illegal immigrants, that is – and then she demands he give a sound bite answer on one of the most complicated questions in American politics.

It’s a good interview for Cruz, despite the fact he’s not catching softballs.

One wonders how Barack Obama would have managed, had he had to sit through an hour-long hostile interview with a Hugh Hewitt or Megyn Kelly like this. The guess is he wouldn’t be president today.



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