A Disgruntled GOP Voter’s Guide To Tonight’s Debate

I know pollsters have been saying Republicans are more satisfied with this field of presidential candidates. I’m not. All I see is a field of crooks, charlatans, talking points reciting zombies, people I wouldn’t buy a used car from, and Democrat-lite squishes.

I have yet to find any candidate that I can do more than just tolerate. To be honest, if the Louisiana Republican primary was today, I would stay home. However, I can be persuaded otherwise and my vote is up for grabs.


Basically, I’m already done with these people. I wouldn’t vote for most of these people for dog catcher, let alone president.

Everyone at the kid’s table. The 7 mediocrities who didn’t poll well enough to make the main debate stage. No one else cares about this collection of has beens and failed politicians, why should I?

Donald Trump. This ex(?)-Democrat is running the greatest con in political history. He’s pretending to be a conservative and unfortunately too many good people are falling for it. I’m not getting suckered in to it.

John Kasich. This undocumented Democrat’s record as Governor of Ohio is that he pays people not to work and he justifies it with sanctimony about Jesus. It’s a shame because Congressman John Kasich used to be a fiscal conservative. Kasich is Mike Huckabee without a Southern accent.

Mike Huckabee. See John Kasich, except he has a Southern accent.

Ben Carson. Nice guy and intelligent man, not qualified to be president and it shows.

Chris Christie. I almost forget he exists sometimes.


Rand Paul. Honestly, I don’t see how his presidential campaign can continue after the indictments handed down yesterday of his political associates. Having said that, I do want see him take a question on them and his answer to that will determine where I stick him. I really wanted to support him because he’s the closest to my beliefs, but I’m getting to the point where I can’t for many reasons.

Marco Rubio. His foreign policy is basically Woodrow Wilson, which is not what I’m looking for. He flip-flops too much on immigration. Right now, I wouldn’t buy a used car from him, let alone elect him president. But I do think the young man may have potential and I want to see some of that.

Scott Walker. An accomplished governor with a good record who has been reprogrammed into a talking points reciting zombie by his DC consultants. I wasn’t too impressed with his anti-cuts rhetoric on Monday night either. I’m keeping my expections low on Walker. I’ll settle just for showing more signs of life than an extra on “The Walking Dead.”

Jeb Bush. Right now, I see a gaffe prone candidate who is likely a sacrificial lamb to Hillary Clinton. However, I do respect him for sticking to his guns on Common Core and immigration. I also like his message on upward mobility. I want to see if he can cut out the gaffes and be a better candidate.

Ted Cruz. If you made me vote today, I would probably vote for Cruz. This is despite the fact I sometimes find his preacher man/salesman act annoying. I don’t think he’s all that smart on foreign policy either, but I’m sure aides will correct that. However, while I like the fact Cruz says no a lot and sticks to his guns, I want to see if he can say yes to anything. I’m looking for some positive proposals out of the man and not just talking points.


It really boils down to three things.

1) Who can credibility make the argument to cut the size of the Federal government. I want entire Federal agencies eliminated. I want programs block granted to the states. Finally, I want real entitlement reform that expands individual choice.

2) Who can force a debate on the GOP’s future. We need a new direction on social issues, foreign policy, federalism, and even on fiscal policy. I want the GOP to move in a more “conservatarian” direction. I really want a guy who can at least start the debate on a new 21st century GOP. We can’t run anymore on how much Barack Obama sucks because he’s gone after 2016.

3) Someone who can reach out and win non-traditional GOP voters. I want someone willing to reach out to Millennials, women, Hispanics, Asians, and blacks. We can’t be the party of old, evangelical white guys anymore. We need a party that represents the entire country.

So who wants my vote?



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