An Item Of Special Information For Bob Mann’s Students At LSU

Namely, you are encouraged to disrupt his lectures with questions and harangues at your pleasure. And he has no standing to punish you or retaliate in any way.

Why is that? Here is Mann’s take on the Jorge Ramos deportation

bob mann trained seals


Mann teaches Journalism at LSU, after all, so when his students decide to use his class as a platform to hold forth on loosely-related topics to his subject matter – gripes about his grading practices, for example, or the relative quality of the LSU Daily Reveille in comparison to other student newspapers around the country, or the accessibility of parking at LSU and subsequent to that make demands that he do something to cater to their problems – they’d just be taking cues from his tweets.

Because it would be quite a shame if Bob Mann’s classroom policies don’t match up with his activities as a social media keyboard commando. If he’s inconsistent in those regards it might damage his credibility as to both.

And it’s not like Mann can kick the disruptive student out of class, because everybody else can just leave with him – which in his world is the way it’s supposed to work…

Then again, never mind about credibility. This is, after all, the man who came up with the idea as Kathleen Blanco’s media shill that the whole Katrina response disaster was all George W. Bush’s fault – which may have helped the national media along in building its own narrative but didn’t serve Blanco too well with the voters once she was caught on a hit mic at CNN lamenting her failure to call in the military more promptly.

Once you’ve destroyed your boss’ career with lies and landed in a comfy sinecure at a state university, it’s all good…right?



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