In Honor Of Obama Visiting New Orleans, Here Are 4 Broken Promises He Told The City To Get Elected

Like most politicians running for president, President Barack Obama in 2008 made a long-list of promises to inner-city children, low-income minorities and working class people.

Among his long-list of promises back when he was just a US Senator running for the Democratic nomination was a plethora of issues he was going to help the city of New Orleans tackle, since the city was still rebuilding in 2008 after Hurricane Katrina.

However, along with all other things Obama, he failed to live up to those promises. Here are four different promises made by Obama that he has yet to come through on for New Orleans:


#1: ‘Incentives for doctors in New Orleans’

Back in 2007, Obama promised to give incentives to doctors who brought more business and more healthcare to the city. Though Politifact has glossed over Obama’s broken promise, the President has done nothing to get doctors to the city. The Bush administration, on the other hand, provided millions in funding to incentivize doctors in the area.


#2: ‘Share revenue from drilling to increase hurricane protection’

Obama promised that he would share revenue from offshore oil and gas drilling to increase coastal hurricane protection. However, his administration has taken the opposite stance since arriving in the White House. A cap has been placed on Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama of $500 million which will start in 2018. And then in his own 2016 budget, Obama wants to eliminate revenue sharing in general.


#3: ‘Rebuilding bigger and better levees’

While Politifact is pretending that Obama has kept his promise on levee protection for the city of New Orleans, that simply is not the case. Yes, the federal government is building a $14.5 billion levee system that will be finished by 2017. But, guess what, it won’t exactly work like Obama said it would. Though the levees won’t collapse in the occurrence of a hurricane, they are not tall enough to keep water out of the city. The Obama administration knows this and yet nothing is being done to fix it. When a category 5 hurricane comes to New Orleans next, we can expect to see a billion dollar levee system fail.


#4: ‘Bringing back section 8 housing’

It is a good thing that this net promise by Obama has been broken, as Section 8 housing truly does nothing for the people of New Orleans. But, nonetheless, it is a broken promise. Back in 2008, Obama pledged to create more “affordable housing” for the residents of New Orleans, ie. subsidized, Section 8 complexes. And yet, that has not happened. There are thousands on the waiting lists for public housing and even more on the waiting lists for Section 8 housing. Obama may be known as the food stamp president, but he certainly hasn’t kept his promise on subsidized housing projects, thank goodness.



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