Is The Guy Who Runs The Tulane College Democrats Twitter A Crackhead? We Report, You Decide

Let’s us start with some rare praise for a Democrat here on The Hayride. The person who runs the Tulane College Democrats twitter account has a stellar career ahead of them in public relations. Nah, who are we kidding.

Here is some of this genius’s handiwork, thanks to the Liberty Standard.

First up, a tweet celebrating a jobs report from January. (WARNING: VULGAR LANGUAGE)

Aren’t you glad parents from all across the country send their best and brightest to Tulane university. By the way, the moron doesn’t have the sense to remove the tweet.

Are are some of the other moments of brilliance from the person running the account.

I’m glad to see that Tulane’s history department is doing a great job teaching American history. Joe McCarthy went after communists, not socialists.

We’ll let you figure this one out.

Here’s some irony in back to back tweets.

And some more moments of excellence

Oh I would be remiss if I didn’t point that they actually do like a “Republican”, Forest Wright who was the fraud who ran against Eric Skrmetta last year for PSC.

Now we at The Hayride know that college students are a rowdy bunch. But is it too much to expect a political organization to conduct itself with something resembling professionalism?



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