President Dick Shows Once Again Who His Real Enemies Are

At this point there is nothing anybody can say about Barack Obama which can be characterized as out of line.

Mitt Romney needed to have learned that lesson three years ago when Obama dispatched his minions to make wild accusations about how he killed the wives of steelworkers with cancer. Romney never did understand who Obama is, and therefore made a fool of himself when he criticized Ted Cruz for accurately describing Obama’s Iran deal as creating the United States government as the soon-to-be world’s premier state sponsor of jihadist terrorism.

Today, Obama gave a petulant, stupid speech full of straw men arguments and raw idiocies in support of the indefensible Iran deal, the details of which he still refuses to share – the highlight of which was this…

“Just because Iranian hardliners chant ‘Death to America” does not mean that that’s what all Iranians believe. In fact, it’s those hardliners that are more satisfied with the status quo. It’s those hardliners chanting “death to America” who’ve been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican Caucus.”

This is inexcusable for two reasons.

First, it’s inexcusable to accuse your political opponents of moral equivalency with your sworn blood enemies if you purport to be the leader of the entire country. No Republican opposed to this Iran deal owes Obama any loyalty after this – he’s declared that he no longer has interest in representing the entire country as president.

That’s why previous presidents have taken pains not to make stupid and divisive statements like these in the context of foreign policy. Even Bill Clinton and LBJ, who were vicious and vituperative partisans willing to abuse their power in order to injure their political opponents, never went so far. This recognition used to be described as “politics stops at the water’s edge,” and if Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush could manage to respect it in the face of what looked a lot like treason from their Democrat opposition it’s not too much to ask that Obama behave himself like a president.

And second, if this blithering dipshit had learned anything at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard other than how to snort cocaine and abuse the patronage of his rich classmates he might recognize that what “all Iranians believe” is immaterial. It’s what the people who run Iran, who give nary a fig for the majority opinion in that country, believe. And what the people who run Iran believe is reflected in the official national motto of Iran…which is “Death To America.”

And yes, the hardliners were satisfied with the status quo. They’re even more satisfied with the new status quo Obama’s deal offers them, which is essentially no change in their behavior and the reward of some $150 billion in cash to spread around to all their favorite jihadists and military suppliers, the removal of economic sanctions and nothing particular in the way of their developing both a nuclear weapon and a world-class delivery system.

To call that “common cause with the Republican Caucus” is more than just egregiously combative, it’s factually wrong.

This man has never been qualified to serve in the office he holds, and it is a disgrace to American credibility, which he said would suffer if his idiotic deal were to be shot down, that he is in the White House. And the shining evidence of this is his growing insistence on both style and substance offensive to public opinion, political tradition and our way of life now that he is unbound by elections.

It will be a struggle to get to January of 2017 without permanent damage to the Republic and our national security.

Dennis Prager, speaking for Prager University, tells the truth about Obama’s Iran deal you’ll never hear from Obama…



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