The List Of Louisiana Cheaters On ‘Ashley Madison’ Website Has Mysteriously Disappeared From The Internet

Last week, the list of Louisiana subscribers to the dating/affair website known as ‘Ashley Madison,’ where married people go to cheat on their spouses, was released on the dark web.

Now, however, the once obtainable lists have been removed from their underground internet location.

The links used to review the list of statewide subscribers was obtained by the Hayride a week ago, but have since been removed and the only way to get a copy of the list again would be if web-surfers screenshot-ed the entire list, which would have taken an extensive amount of time.

It is unknown if hackers removed the lists or if hackers hacking the original hackers (that’s a tongue-twister) who leaked the lists have removed them.

What we do know still is that an unidentified official with the Baton Rouge Police Union used the police union’s credit card to pay for an affair on ‘Ashley Madison.’

The unnamed official with the Baton Rouge Police Union used the email address P2380GON@gmail.comto sign up for the affairs website.

Also, on the national list, there were over 15,000 subscribers who were either part of the federal government or the United States military.

Among these government officials using the adultery website, 44 of them were White House employees and Washington DC has had the highest rate of subscribers to ‘Ashley Madison’ for the last three years, with over 59,000 subscribers.



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