An Interesting Poll Out Of Iowa Shows A Bobby Jindal Surge?

If Bobby Jindal wants to make an impact in the presidential race, he must do well in Iowa. However, he has been stuck at or below 1% in the polls in that state. However, Team Jindal should be happy about the latest NBC News/Marist poll that shows Jindal doing his best numbers so far in that state.

Bobby Jindal has reached a new high of 4% according to that poll. That puts him tied for 7th place with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Donald Trump though is still crushing the entire field with 29% support and Ben Carson is the only other candidate in double digits at 22%.

This comes on the heels of Jindal giving what has been widely regarded as one of his best speeches ever last month at the Defending the Dream summit in Columbus, Ohio. Jindal also recently got some fiscal conservative credentials from the Cato Institute when they found that he was the only governor in the race who reduced spending.

Jindal has been shifting towards a more populist stance lately. However, Jindal’s populist stance is that of a different tack than the one being promoted by Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Jindal is setting himself as someone who is not just a populist, but one who has produced results. The message is designed to appeal to the populist voters which are ascendant right now in the GOP, but also to social conservatives and even some fiscal conservatives.

Right now, it appears that this message is paying off in Iowa. However, more polling will tell whether this poll is an outlier or Jindal really has the beginnings of surge going on in the Hawkeye State.

Will this message resonate outside of Iowa and across the country? We don’t know. But it seems more and more the case that you can’t quite count out Bobby Jindal just yet.



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