Just popped on the cable news channels. He’s leaving at the end of October.

Details are sketchy as yet, but we’d heard a rumor that something was coming. There have been news reports that majority leader Kevin McCarthy has cut a deal with the Freedom Caucus to move up as Boehner’s replacement, with a good chance that the Freedom Caucus will be placing one of its members, likely its head Jim Jordan, in McCarthy’s job. Current majority whip Steve Scalise would stay where he is.

We’ll see if that pans out. But that’s the story we’ve heard fairly consistently over the past couple of weeks.

McCarthy isn’t exactly a conservative, but he’s a politician’s politician. If running the House as a conservative is what it will take to get and keep the Speaker’s job, we’re told, that’s what he’ll do.

Take that how you will. There is no great reason to rejoice at changing out one DC insider moderate for another other than to say that Boehner wasn’t generating much in the way of positive results and when things aren’t going well you’d just as soon have turnover for its own sake.



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