Here Are 6 Street Names That Will Be Changed If New Orleans’ Historical Monuments Are Removed

Pretty soon, even locals in New Orleans will not know how to get around the city.

With the prospects of any and all historical monuments related to the Confederacy being removed, the purge of history will not stop there.

If the monuments do come down, famous New Orleans street names will be next to go. In fact, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans will probably not be happy until all traces of the Civil War are removed from the city.

Here’s a list of street names that will be on Landrieu’s chopping block eventually:


#1: Lee Circle

The Robert E. Lee Circle statue is one of the monuments up for removal by Landrieu. If it is removed, Lee Circle, the sign for the traffic circle, will have to be renamed because Democrats in the city have portrayed Lee as a defender of slavery and the Confederacy.


#2: Jefferson Davis Parkway

Besides the Jefferson Davis monument up for removal by Landrieu, Jefferson Davis Parkway in Mid-City is already being targeted by New Orleans City Councilwoman Susan Guidry. Landrieu wants to change the street to honor former Xavier University President Norman Francis.


#3: Robert E. Lee Boulevard

Robert E. Lee is the the most targeted figure in New Orleans’ Democrat’s purge of Civil War history. Not only are Lee Circle and the name of the circle being considered for removal, but the boulevard named after him near Lakeview is being questioned. Additionally, the street name after him near the Lower 9th Ward could be changed.


#4: Slidell Street

John Slidell Street in the Algiers area may be thrown out and renamed because Slidell was the Confederacy’s ambassador to France. If this street is thrown out, the entire city of Slidell, a suburb just outside of New Orleans, may as well be renamed.


#5: Gov. Nicholls Street

The famous and beautiful street in the French Quarter area may be renamed. Francis T. Nicholls was a general in the Confederate army, losing an arm, foot and eye while fighting. It’s not known yet what this street could be renamed to.


#6: Polk Street

Polk St. is near the 17th Street Canal. But, it is already being targeted for renaming by some city officials. Gen. Leonidas Polk was a general in the Confederate army and served as the Episcopal bishop of Louisiana.



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