Low Popahirum, September 15, 2015


“When the motor-mouthed mogul next takes the stage with the ten nearest rivals who have failed for months to trip him up—much less get traction against him—Hugh Hewitt will be the only person in the debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library who has already managed to get the best of Donald Trump.” – Politico

The push for the faux idea of equality among the sexes will not disappear. For some, more is never enough. And those certain people spotlight the things which aren’t discrimination and turn them into that serious crime. The feminist movement is obsessed with the superficial but claim the opposite. While they pretend to despise the idea of making assumptions based on looks, they do the exact same thing to other groups.” – Red State

“Donald J. Trump has criticized Carly Fiorina’s looks, saying of his only female Republican rival: ‘Look at that face! Would anybody vote for that?’ He has said that listening to Mrs. Fiorina’s voice gives him a ‘massive headache.’ He has mocked her business career, and has gleefully declared how ‘viciously’ she was fired by Hewlett-Packard.” – Hot Air

“In August 2012 President Obama drew a red line on Syria that he never intended to enforce and we’ve seen a landslide of consequences ever since.” – Town Hall

“Today California’s Governor Moonbeam stated that he is shocked at the intensity of the wildfires his state is experiencing because they are so much more violent and fast-moving than the state’s ‘computer modeling’ predicted they would be.  After all, liberals live and die by what their computers tell them, and the real world be damned.” – Conservative Daily News

“Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) says he’s not worried about his political future, but the Ohio Republican’s fate has become an overwhelming obsession of House Republicans. His backers believe Boehner is being “blackmailed” by conservative hard-liners into supporting a government shutdown. His critics insist they just want their leader to do the right thing.” – Breitbart

“Hillary Clinton said the thought of selecting Bill as her running mate has ‘crossed’ her mind, but added that she has been told it’s likely unconstitutional.” –  The Blaze

“Donald Trump is leading among evangelical Republican voters nationally, but those on the ground in Iowa, where religious conservatives play an outsize role in picking GOP presidential nominees, say they can’t see it lasting.” – Washington Times

“An assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington is reportedly under investigation for his ritual of praying on the 50-yard-line after each game.” – Twitchy

“An instructor at Mississippi’s Delta State University suspected of killing the woman he lived with and a colleague — possibly as the result of a love triangle — died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound late Monday, authorities said.” – Fox News


“In light of the recent police shootings, hundreds of members of law enforcement and the public gathered on the steps of the state capital today to pray.” – KATC.com

“Early Saturday (Sept. 12) morning, our family’s new business on St. Claude Avenue was broken into. We were very fortunate that the damage to the building was not as bad as it could have been, and the guy who did it was able to steal exactly zero dollars out of the empty cash register he took. The police responded at 5 a.m. and all the proper forms were filled out. My major complaint is what happened next.” – Nola.com

“U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s 2007 prostitution scandal has been danced around in candidates’ forums for months, but the senator was confronted with a rare, direct question about his ‘serious sin’ during a public endorsement meeting Monday night (Sept. 14) in New Orleans.” – Nola.com

“East Baton Rouge Parish Library Director Spencer Watts on Monday embarked on his six-week side gig, giving Baton Rouge journalists a taste of his campaign speech to encourage voters to renew the library’s property tax.” –  The Baton Rouge Advocate

“Former state Sen. Derrick Shepherd’s decision Thursday to sign up as a legislative candidate in the Oct. 24 primary despite a past money-laundering conviction was challenged in court Monday.” – The New Orleans Advocate

“Louisiana may have avid deer hunters, but drivers will be glad to know they’re less likely to bag one unintentionally on a highway here than in many other states.” – Fox 8 Live

Gov. Bobby Jindal called for a rally on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol, marking a statewide ‘Day of Prayer.’ It was all in honor of the men and women of law enforcement.” –  WAFB.com

“As the new school year begins, you might like to be updated on some school happenings that will no doubt be repeated this academic year. After this update, I have some questions one might ask the black leadership.” – CNS News

“Since its release in 2010, Instagram has been a driving force in social media, amassing more than 300 million users as of December 2014.” – LSU Reveille

“Les Miles called it ‘imperfect.’ Brandon Harris said it was ‘aggressive.‘” – The Baton Rouge Advocate



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