The Low Popahirum, September 24, 2015


“Pope Francis stood before a bitterly divided U.S. Congress on Thursday and reminded lawmakers of that most golden of rules, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Politico

“Thus far, Trump’s stay at the top of the polls for the GOP nomination has defied political conventions and expectations. Mistakes and gaffes that would have doomed any other candidate on planet earth have instead bolstered Trump’s standing in the polls. Most traditional pundits have been at a loss to predict when or if Trump’s polling numbers might come back to Earth, because Trump’s support isn’t governed by the usual rules of politics.” – Red State

“I’m not known for being much of an optimist and I’m certainly not filled with any certainty that the Pontiff’s appearance before Congress is going to heal all the political wounds of the nation. His visit, however, is a reminder that politics is actually a dirty little business and is far removed from the more wondrous aspects of the universe. While getting John Boehner and Harry Reid to see eye to eye may even be beyond the scope of the Holy See, is Pope Francis already performing miracles more along the lines of what we might expect from God’s representative on Earth? His visit has prompted the press to take a look at some of the inexplicable and wonderful things which have surrounded him since his selection.” – Hot Air

“The Associated Press has announced a change to how the organization will define people who are skeptical to global warming and climate change theories. The news organization, which produces the AP Style book used by thousands of news outlets and university journalism programs around the country, has added the following change:” – Town Hall

Hold on to your toupees, the conservative intellectuals are in a stew.” – Breitbart 

“Parents of students at a Florida middle school are upset over a science assignment that suggested if someone told them “evolution was just a theory, as a way of dismissing it, […] they are trying to mislead you.” – The Blaze

“Saudi Arabian authorities said Thursday that at least 717 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured in a stampede near the Muslim holy city of Mecca, where an estimated 2 million people are undertaking the traditional hajj pilgrimage.” – Fox News

Carly Fiorina doesn’t want anyone to care, and we’re not supposed to notice, but it’s a pleasure to see a woman with style running for president. She dresses with understated panache. She talks about moral values with the no-nonsense confidence of an old-fashioned schoolmarm, and she sounds like someone who believes what she says about the value of a human life.” – Washington Times

“During Pope Francis’ speech today before Congress, he spoke out in favor of protecting “life at every stage of its development”:” – Twitchy

“Week 3 fantasy QB ranks” –


Bobby Jindal’s presidential run has been fueled by more than $4.5 million in money, sent to independent groups connected to the Louisiana governor.  Those groups have mostly raised Louisiana money, with most of the donations connected to state government.” – Fox 8 Live 

“Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration is quietly notifying legislative leaders that Louisiana closed the books on the last budget year with a deficit, but the administration isn’t saying publicly how deep the problem is.” – AP News

Louisiana’s state budget is a disaster. And, as predicted, it’s getting worse. The decade of shell game solutions has come … and gone. Not because governors and legislators don’t love kicking the fiscal can down our crumbling roads, but because we’ve reached the end of the gimmick cul-de-sac.” –

National Right to Life Endorses David Vitter” –  Chad Rogers/The Dead Pelican

A 20-month-old girl was found alone on Holly Beach Tuesday morning, Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson said. The parents were located hours later jogging naked down the beach.” –

“A new poll out this week that was paid for by an anti-David Vitter group and released nationally, puts Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican Vitter in the lead in the Louisiana governor’s race.” – The Advocate Blogs

“As day two draws to a close for Pope, one Louisiana Bishop gets the chance of a lifetime.” – My ArkLaMiss

“A lawsuit that accuses Southern University’s Marching Band of hazing eight years ago got the green light Tuesday.”  –

“The Pope is taking the country by storm having made visits to three American cities in the past week. His schedulers made one oversight in planning Pope Francis’ first trip to the U.S. He should have come to Louisiana. More than half the population in South Louisiana is Catholic. There are over 500,000 Catholics in the New Orleans area alone. If the pope wanted to visit a state with a Catholic pulse, the Bayou State should have been a “must stop” for the pontiff.” – Jim Brown

“THE RATING GAME” – The Baton Rouge Advocate



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