Here’s A Message For Canadian Conservatives…

Namely, this…

Justin Trudeau, son of the Canadian Jimmy Carter Pierre Trudeau, was elected in a wipeout last night. The Canadian Liberal Party swept away the nation’s Conservative majority, sending nine-year incumbent prime minister Stephen Harper to the showers. Trudeau is a Barack Obama on steroids. He brings no demonstrable competence at all and won the election largely with selfies.

And the election was apparently turned, in large fashion, by Harper’s dismissive attitude toward “Syrian refugees.” Trudeau is talking about throwing Canada’s borders open to the “Syrians” who are making such improvements in Europe where they’ve landed.

We’d like to extend the hand of welcome to any and all of Canada’s Conservatives to join us across your southern border – and particularly in states like Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Iowa. Bring the whole family. Make more kids, as many as you want. And become citizens.

You can even bring Alberta with you. We could use those tar sands for energy independence, and perhaps when the Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t actually cross a border the Democrats won’t be able to stop it on Warren Buffet’s behalf.



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