John Bel Edwards Loves Him Some Taxpayer Funded Perks

The shine is starting to come off of St. John Bel of Amite and it’s not even day 3 of the runoff campaign. The Fund For Louisiana’s Future is out with a new ad slamming him for his love of taxpayer funded perks.

In 2008, Edwards voted to more than double his own pay. While the bill did pass the Legislature, Governor Jindal vetoed it. Now we know why Edwards hates Jindal so much. Jindal has personally cost St. John Bel money.

Meanwhile in 2010 in the midst of a pay freeze for state employees, a bill was offered by State Rep. Dee Richard (I-Thibodaux) to freeze the per diem increase for legislators. As the left-wing blog Louisiana Voice points out, St. John Bel voted no and voted to keep his perks.

To add to all of this misery, John Bel Edwards has been one of the most consistent supporters of tax increases in Baton Rouge. John Bel has pushed for higher taxes on everything from cigarettes to personal income taxes.

Contrast this to U.S. Senator David Vitter. Vitter has consistently proposed bills to stop automatic Congressional pay increases. Vitter has also refused his Congressional pension.

Who do you want in Baton Rouge fighting for Louisiana taxpayers while we get out of this budget mess, the guy who loves him some taxpayer funded perks or the guy who has fought against them?



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