John Bel Edwards’s Education Record: Putting Teacher’s Unions And School Boards Over Children

John Bel Edwards has been running around Louisiana pretending that he’s some kind of a moderate to conservative Democrat. His willing accomplices in Louisiana’s political press corps have all but annointed him Saint John Bel of Amite, the savior of Louisiana and defender of the little people.

But on issue after issue, the real John Bel Edwards comes out. Edwards is nothing more than a sockpuppet for the radical left and every entrenched special interest in this state.

Let’s take John Bel Edwards’s position on K-12 education for example. The Edwards position is best summarized by putting the needs of politically connected adults over what’s best for our children. Edwards has opposed every education reform proposal that has been made and passed in this state. High standards, Edwards opposes them. School choice and charter schools, Edwards has been a no.

You know who else opposes education reform? The teacher’s unions and the school boards. They’re supporting John Bel Edwards’s bid for governor.

If you support:

  • High standards for Louisiana’s students
  • The right to choose your child’s school whether it is private or public that best meets their educational needs
  • Accountability for teachers and schools
  • The right to send your child to a charter school
  • The development of a world class educational system that helps every Louisiana child achieve their fullest potential

There is absolutely no way you can cast a ballot for John Bel Edwards. David Vitter supports school choice. Whereas John Bel Edwards will lead an assualt on charter schools and school choice, Vitter will protect them and expand those options for parents. David Vitter stands for and with Louisiana’s children whereas Edwards stands with politically connected adults.

Now here’s the part where I’m supposed to connect St. John Bel to Obama. But here’s the thing, this is further to the left than Obama. President Obama is actually a strong supporter of charter schools and a lot of education reforms the unions hate. Congratulations to St. John Bel for actually further to the left of Obama on this issue.

If you care about school choice, you can’t afford to not vote for David Vitter next month.



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