Maybe Obama And His People Ought To Have The Cast Of “Homeland” Up To The White House For A Strategy Session…

…because to do that might net them a little more real-world understanding than they currently possess where Syria and the Islamic State are concerned.

Rupert Friend, who plays Special Agent Quinn on the show, could give this little talk to the National Security Council (warning: not safe for work)…

It’s funny that politically-correct Hollywood, which John Binder correctly noted is ridiculously Hard Left and fully engaged in hollowing out American culture but is nevertheless beholden to the preferences of the market and thus must generally offer some realism to what it puts on a screen, can produce a better understanding of a phenomenon like the Islamic State than can the people Obama hired to manage national security on behalf of the world’s superpower. Those people had Obama talking about how ISIS was a “JV team” and turned down an opportunity to get Assad to step down in Syria in 2012 because “our” rebels were going to knock him out of power.

“Our” rebels being the ones who are with Al Qaeda, that is. The ones Vladimir Putin is merrily bombing while his jets intercept our drones and drive our pilots out of the sky st the same time they fly incursions into Turkish airspace in what looks like the opening stages of World War III.

And no recognition is ever given that ISIS is a political movement designed to resurrect the Caliphate of Muhammad’s successors, and so its barbarous practices – the rape, the slavery, the beheadings, the looting and the military aggression – are nothing more than a redux of the Prophet and his followers in those early days coming out of Yathrib.

What should we do in Syria? As Ralph Peters says, at this point nothing. Our window has closed.



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