JEFF LANDRY: Let’s Talk About Experience And The AG’s Race

There’s a lot to be said about experience in this race for Louisiana Attorney General.

It is critical for you, and your friends, to know I have worked as a successful attorney for many years.

I have handled millions of dollars in legal cases all across our State in multiple jurisdictional courts.

In this race, I am the only candidate who has been a successful lawyer, a lawmaker elected by the citizens of South Louisiana as a Congressman who took on Barack Obama’s federal overreach, and a law enforcement officer who fought crime on the front lines years ago.

In addition, I have owned and operated a successful Louisiana oil and gas small business where I created jobs and helped grow our economy.

Currently, Buddy Caldwell presides over the SECOND WORST legal environment in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. It’s a legal climate that is hostile to job creators and as a result has added to the devastation of our economy. Jobs are leaving the state and stakeholders are opting to conduct business elsewhere as a result.

We need an Attorney General who will bring to the table the type of experience needed to help clean up our legal climate and help Louisiana get back to work.

The legal field is similar to the practice of medicine in that there are various types of law in which attorneys practice. You wouldn’t go to an orthopedic surgeon for brain surgery; you would go to a neurosurgeon. Similarly, if you were closing on your home mortgage loan, you would not call a personal injury attorney; you would find a good real estate attorney.

Almost all of our criminal cases in Louisiana are handled at the District Attorney level. Rarely does the Attorney General prosecute those kinds of cases, and when they do it is the Assistants who travel to those courtrooms and make those arguments. The vast majority of litigation that is overseen by the Attorney General’s office has nothing to do with criminal prosecution. On the contrary, it’s mostly civil litigation and given our legal climate and the economy in the shape it’s in we need an AG who will focus on the impact we have on job creators.

We need an AG with over a decade of experience practicing corporate law, experience as a lawmaker, and experience as a law-enforcer.

That is why I am running for Attorney General.

Our current Attorney General looks at Louisiana businesses as an ATM machine with which to reward his Democratic campaign donors.

I am running to bring ethics, professionalism, and hard work to the Attorney General’s office.

We need an Attorney General who will work with our job creators, not harm our economy.

In early voting starting this Saturday or on October 24th – I hope you will take a close look at the shape of our state, think about how much better it could be if jobs weren’t leaving the state at an alarming rate and how much better it would be if our children had an opportunity to live and work in the state we call home.

Louisiana is a good state; let’s work to make it great.



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