The Money On TV Ad Buys Show Much David Vitter Is Dominating The Governor’s Race

Relax Scott Angelle, Jay Dardenne, and John Bel Edwards fans; when I say “dominating the governor’s race” I’m not implying that David Vitter will win outright or nearly win outright two weeks from Saturday. I only mean that most of the ads about the governor’s race are either from Vitter and his SuperPAC or about him.

Melinda Deslatte of the AP had the write up today that’s showing up all over the country.

Of the nearly $6.5 million paid for TV advertising in the governor’s race, $4 million has been spent by the major candidates:Republican Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, Republican Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards and Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter. That accounts for 62 percent of the TV spending in the race so far.

Another $2.4 million has been spent by political action committees that support or oppose specific candidates. Many of the PACs, which have no donation limits, are funded by a few high-spending donors.

Vitter and the super PAC supporting him, called the Fund for Louisiana‘s Future, account for nearly half all the TV ad spending in the race, running $3 million in ads so far.

Most of that $6.5 million spent has been either by Vitter and FFLF or spent attacking Vitter. The other PACs in the Louisiana governor’s race are the various anti-Vitter PACs being funded by the trial lawyers. The amount of money spent either by Vitter or spent to attack Vitter is roughly the same.

In the still unlikely event that Vitter does not make the runoff in two weeks, he can still say he was the most dominant candidate in the race. Most of the advertising has been about him in one way or another. His presence is missed when he’s not at the debates.

These ad numbers should not be surprising in that context. This governor’s race has always been about David Vitter and the money spent proves it.



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