Mitch Landrieu Claims David Vitter Won’t ‘Help’ New Orleans, Here’s Mitch’s Track Record Of ‘Helping’

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is taking shots at gubernatorial front-runner David Vitter at the last minute before Saturday’s election.

And, oddly enough, he’s attacking Vitter by claiming he won’t “help” New Orleans if he’s elected governor. Here’s what Landrieu said on the radio yesterday:

“I’m not in favor of Senator Vitter. He’s been a career politician that’s divided us for a long time, and I’m not hopeful if he gets to be the governor that he’s going to help the city (of New Orleans),” Landrieu told Garland Robinette on WWL 870 AM on Thursday afternoon.

Complaining about career politicians is rich coming from Landrieu considering his family is one of Louisiana’s political dynasties and considering that Vitter has proposed more crime solutions for New Orleans than Landrieu.

Vitter has repeatedly told Landrieu publicly to stop focusing on the removal of four historical monuments in New Orleans and focus on getting state troopers to the city to help the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) reduce crime.

Here’s Landrieu’s record of “helping” New Orleans:

  • A skyrocketing violent crime rate.
  • Armed robberies are now the fastest-growing crime problem in the city.
  • The murder rate is climbing from last year’s level.
  • Using a private email address until the media catches him.
  • Charging residents double what they should be paying for garbage pickup.
  • Removing four historical monuments for the sake of political correctness.
  • Growing the size of city government by 200 new employees for the 2016 budget.
  • Ignoring inefficiencies within the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD).

It’s not exactly Landrieu’s place to lecture other public officials on how to “help” New Orleans when he’s done hardly anything to help solve problems in the city.



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