YIKES! Parking In New Orleans Is About To Become A Luxury With These Proposed Rate Hikes

Forget increased taxes, Mayor Mitch Landrieu is onto parking meter rate hikes.

In a quiet new budget proposal today, Landrieu rolled out a plan which would put New Orleans in-line with cities like Chicago when it comes to what it costs residents to pay to park on the street.

Hourly rates for parking on the street would go from $1.50 to $3 in the French Quarter, which is actually above the parking rates in Chicago.

Everywhere else in the city would cost drivers $2 to park for just an hour. And parking meter hours would be extended to 8 am all the way until 10pm. Currently, residents and tourists can park for free in the city after 6pm.

Altogether, Landrieu says the proposal will increase revenue for the city, of course, bringing in another about $4 million for the city.

But, while the city is making money off this proposal, it’s the working and middle class residents who will be taking the brunt of this rate hike, as the New Orleans elites mostly pay for their own private parking spots in swanky office buildings.

Not to mention, tourists will be alarmed when they realize it will cost them almost $10 just to park for three hours.



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