The Low Popahirum, October 7, 2015


Gallup has been the country’s gold standard for horse-race election polling ever since its legendary founder, George Gallup, predicted Franklin Roosevelt’s landslide reelection in 1936.” – Politico

Russian fighter jets shadowed U.S. predator drones on at least three separate occasions high above Syria since the start of Russia’s air campaign last week, according to two U.S. officials briefed on this latest intelligence from the region.” – Fox News

“The European Union has this fantasyland idea that regulation can fix the privacy problem. Well, only with private corporations. EU Directive 95/46/EC on Data Protection, which took effect in 1998, prevents private businesses from sending data outside of the EU. The massive regulatory state does not have to comply with any of its privacy protections. However international commerce is greatly threatened by the directive.” – Red State

“Can a candidate win the Republican presidential nomination by extolling the virtues of eminent domain? Not just any application of eminent domain, mind you, but including an endorsement Kelo, a Supreme Court decision that conservatives detest for its permission for government to condemn private property to transfer it to another private owner. Donald Trump called eminent domain ‘a wonderful thing,’ and said the existing property owners make out like bandits anyway (via Twitchy):” – Hot Air

Hillary’s email fiasco is a billion-piece puzzle. We all know this; she had a private email server she shouldn’t have used per the 2009 National Archives and Recordkeeping Administration guidelines; the emails weren’t being properly saved by the State Department; they had classified information sent through her private email system even though she said that she did no such thing; there’s the allegation that Clinton’s inner-circle might have removed some of the classification markers; and she paid a State Department staffer with her own money to set up the server and maintain it after it was operational. Oh, and that staffer, Bryan Pagliano, was subpoenaed in August, where he plead the fifth before the House Select Committee on Benghazi last month.” – Town Hall

“McCarthy was in the Capitol Hill Club, a function hall and restaurant building for Republicans right next door to the Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters, to meet with somewhere between 40 and 50—maybe more—House conservatives as he seeks to shore up support in a contentious speakership election after Boehner’s resignation announcement a couple weeks ago.” – Breitbart

“Matt Drudge warned in a rare interview Tuesday that future decisions on digital copyright laws could stifle free speech, including putting an end to his popular Drudge Report website.” – The Blaze

“Yesterday Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, published an asinine editorial in the Wall Street Journal describing how the central bank– and the central bank only- saved the economy through artificially suppressing interest rates. As if this blatantly irrational line of reasoning wasn’t comical enough, Bernanke further went on to browbeat Fed critics as not doing ‘their bit’ for the cause.” – Conservative Daily News

Senators overcame a filibuster on the annual defense policy bill Tuesday, delivering a significant victory to Republicans and teeing up a battle with President Obama over a threatened veto on the bill, which does everything from raising troops’ pay to setting policy for Guantanamo Bay detainees.” – Washington Times

“The JV team wants nuclear material to make a dirty bomb. And they’re trying to get it from the country led by the ‘bored kid in the back of the classroom’ that’s eating President Obama’s lunch in Syria right now:” – Twitchy


“The American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) today applauded Louisiana attorney general candidate Jeff Landry for pledging to uphold transparency in private attorney contracts if elected.” – The Business Wire

Governor Bobby Jindal has called out people during his campaign for president before, and he is doing it again. ” – Fox 8 Live

Louisiana Superintendent John White said he believes the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will not “tinker” when setting the new ‘cut scores’ that will compare Common Core test results with those from other states.” – American Press

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, co-hosted the type of multi-purpose party Tuesday night (Oct. 6) that is becoming a Washington staple.”  –

Gun rights supporters are taking aim at a proposed new ordinance in Caddo Parish.” –

East Baton Rouge Parish families with students that have 10 days of unexcused absences at school so far this year will be receiving a warning letter, according to the truancy division of the Family and Youth Service Center.” –

“Political polls are getting a lot of attention in the race for Louisiana governor. Everybody likes to get ‘inside’ information, but too often people look at polls as if they were crystal balls — magical devices able to divine the future. Polls do not predict the future. Never have, never will.” – Best of New Orleans

“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is among the group of Republican presidential hopefuls who will be gifted a copy of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s book — straight from her campaign.” – The Advocate Blog

“According to the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office, a 12-year-old Chalmette boy hid a gun in his backpack and bought it into Andrew Jackson Middle School.” –

A flood of historic proportions in South Carolina led to a flurry of discussions Tuesday over where Saturday’s LSU-South Carolina football game will be played.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate



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