VIDEO: Trey Gowdy On Face The Nation

From yesterday, this was the interview in which Gowdy said that other Republicans in Congress and running for president need to “shut up” about the Benghazi special committee and its actions because they really don’t have a clue what that committee is doing and what it’s achieving.

One gets the sense from watching this clip that Gowdy’s committee is finally beginning to break loose a lot of critical information on the before, during and after of the Benghazi massacre that previous committees investigating it never were able to secure, and as a result Gowdy will be able to present the American public with a far fuller record of what happened there than anyone has offered.

We don’t know, though, whether Gowdy’s committee is going to be able to offer a full exposition of why we were in Benghazi in the first place, or how much truth there is in reports aired, for example, by Fox News and pushed by Rand Paul to the extent that the CIA was running guns from old Qaddafi stockpiles to “friendly” rebels in Syria and that the massacre was a blowback from that policy. There certainly seems to have been a grossly misbegotten Libya policy, one which the email chain between Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton that recently surfaced shows the former Secretary of State right in the middle of concocting; we don’t know if Gowdy’s committee will be able to unearth the entire thing and lay it bare before the American public.

The response by the Clinton camp and the Democrats to Kevin McCarthy’s stupid triumphalism about how Gowdy’s committee has “driven her numbers down” has been that it’s always been a partisan witch-hunt, but beyond the cheap partisan opportunism inherent in that accusation is a deeply disturbing truth – namely, that Democrats don’t seem to want to know how a major foreign policy initiative which involved the use of military force on a relatively large scale and the removal of a foreign government by American hands could have gone so badly wrong. Having missed an opportunity to make Gowdy’s committee both truly bipartisan and bicameral, they’re largely only sniping from the sidelines and, frankly, attempting to cover up the failures of our Libya policy.

That is profoundly unfortunate, and, frankly, disheartening. It’s as though they’re not even interested in finding ways to perform better or identify mistakes that can be corrected. All they want is power; whether they can wield it correctly or not is immaterial.

The good news is Trey Gowdy is stronger and more competent than the political animals attempting to interfere with his work on both sides of the aisle. If anybody in Washington can get to the bottom of Benghazi, he can.



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