Now John Bel Is Ripping Off Vitter Donors’ Intellectual Property In The Closing Ad Of His Campaign

St. John Bel has rolled out his closing campaign ad today. It’s a catchy, feel good ad showing a bunch of John Bel supporters waving “I believe” signs.

Those of you who live in Southeast Louisiana might notice that this ad is very familiar. In fact, it’s pretty much a copy of a Lamarque Ford ad that started running in 2014 around the beginning of every Saints season.

Not only is St. John Bel ripping off one of the intellectual property of one of the most recognizable men and celebrities in New Orleans, he’s ripping off a David Vitter donor. Does anyone really think that Ronnie Lamarque, who runs one of the largest companies in metro New Orleans, is going to back a anti-business D-grade shill like Edwards?

Lamarque and his wife have given Vitter’s campaign $11,000 so far in the race.


If Edwards will rip off the intellectual property of Vitter donors, is there any limit to what he will do as governor?



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