BAYHAM: The Choice For Louisiana

If you got your information on the Louisiana gubernatorial runoff exclusively from John Bel Edwards’s paid media you would know only three things: 1) Edwards served in the army, 2) the Edwards family chose not to abort their daughter, and 3) David Vitter cavorted with a prostitute.

Those matters have nothing to do with the half billion budget shortfall, increasingly brazen criminal activity plaguing our cities and suburban communities, economic development, and Edwards’s actual record in government.

There’s a reason why the voters have been told little else by the Edwards campaign because they want the focus to be on what Edwards did before he got elected to office.

Edwards has been in the state house of representatives for eight years and has served as the de facto leader of the opposition to Jindal. Edwards made news during his time in the legislature not for having accomplished anything of significance but as a Democratic hatchet man sniping at any and all Republican proposals.  Edwards has been a one-man peanut gallery in a seersucker suit.

It is a mystery how a man who has made a political career out of being a rhetorical bomb thrower is expected to achieve anything of substance as governor, particularly with both chambers of the legislature controlled by Republicans.

But let’s look past the military beret, his insincerity as a candidate (remember him whining about Vitter’s attack ads pre-Patriots and Prostitutes) and a West Point honor code that somehow allows for partnering with Cleo Fields.

What Edwards has permitted the voters of Louisiana to see are parade of military veterans and his wife, but behind the curtain lurks a mob of leftist political interests from Planned Parenthood to corrupt city political tickets that the Edwards campaign has mightily struggled to conceal from public view.

The Democratic Party of Edwin Edwards, John Breaux and Kathleen Blanco got swept away by Hurricane Katrina and the rise of Barack Obama. The new Democratic Party utilizes a moderate façade in campaigns  but operates from more radical principles once empowered.

The truth of the matter is there are no more conservative Democrats; they’ve all gone to the GOP, gone to God, or gone to jail.

Ask yourself when was the last time you encountered a young conservative Democrat? When I was young there were plenty, now they’re rarer than an Amur leopard.

John Bel Edwards is merely the front man for a new version of Louisiana Democrats who are ideological interlopers in a right of center state.

Fifteen years ago, many Louisiana Democrats broke with their national party to support George W. Bush over Al Gore.   Now they quibble over the more progressive of two socialists seeking their party’s nomination.

When you cast a ballot for Edwards, you’re getting much more than a West Point grad for a governor and a teacher for a first lady, because they can’t run the whole state bureaucracy on their own.

And the token appointment of Jay Dardenne to some position won’t balance out what’s going to be sitting on the other end of the governmental teeter-totter.

Edwards’s election would dump into state government the fossil-fuel loathing, political correctness preaching, social progressive agenda promoting, historic monument toppling, law enforcement vilifying, liberty eroding coalition of leftists who run the modern Democratic Party.

The same people who have turned our universities upside down and have ripped society apart to better stampede enough of the remaining fragments into going along with their candidates will be running state.

If John Bel Edwards and the Democrats ran on what they truly were, they would not have a chance.

David Vitter is the alternative to Louisiana being ruled over by a leftist mob over the next four years.

Vitter is a Rhodes Scholar having earned degrees from Tulane, Harvard, and Oxford. As a state representative Vitter was instrumental in the passage of term limits, the single most important political reform measure  since the civil rights era.

While he has been labeled by “courthouse gang” pols as someone who can’t work with others, Vitter has disproven this charge as the Metairie Republican has been an effective advocate for our state on Capitol Hill.

As US Senator, Vitter played a critical role helping secure billions of dollars to help rebuild southeast Louisiana and strengthen flood protection after Hurricane Katrina. He was not afraid to hold FEMA’s feet to the fire to ensure that flood insurance rates did not price Louisiana families out of their homes.

As a political leader, Vitter helped bring in new blood into the legislature and the office of Agriculture Commissioner, a department that had been riddled with scandal for decades.

This Saturday, the voters of Louisiana have what will likely be our last opportunity in the foreseeable future to enact substantial reform by electing David Vitter as our next governor.

Please do not be distracted by the ugly personal attacks against Vitter and his family by the Democrats and the partisan media but instead focus on Vitter’s substantial accomplishments as a legislator in Baton Rouge and Washington.

And don’t be dissuaded by the Democrats “hate ads” from participating in this very important election.

Please make time to visit your polling precinct and vote wisely on Saturday.



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