Ol’ John Bel Keeps Sayin’ Vitter Broke The Law…

…but that was like 15 years ago.

An’ if I ain’t mistaken the statue of limitations done ran on whatever he did.

But my Uncle T-Claude went to that debate tonight, an’ as he was leavin’ he caught this. Which I got a chuckle outta…

john bel bus no taillight
Ya lights, brah!

Wait, here’s another shot he sent me…

john bel bus no taillight 2


As you can tell, T-Claude was ridin’ shotgun when he snapped these off, so don’t start with that business about usin’ his phone while drivin’.

We dunno what John Bel’s driver was doin’ while he was drivin’…without his lights on. Or if this bus has a stripper pole in it like the Purple Party Bus O’ Doom had.

We do know that the Purple Party Bus O’ Doom had plenty lights on, both inside an’ out, when it was truckin’ John Bel’s voters to the polls. So maybe ol’ John Bel shoulda had that driver bringin’ him around.

Seems to me, though, that the cat in question is a good fit for that campaign. John Bel ain’t zactly runnin’ the most illuminated campaign you ever saw. Like for example, he doesn’t seem like he’s too determined that everybody knows his record in the Legislature. No headlights, tail-lights or any other kinda lights in that thing.

Except for the strobe lights on the Purple Party Bus O’ Doom. Those they got plenty of.




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