Political Correctness And A Confederate Flag Ban Is Tearing This Louisiana City’s Christmas Parade Apart

After Natchitoches Mayor Lee Posey banned the Confederate flag from the city’s famous Christmas parade, it seems that the parade is being torn apart by the decision.

Essentially, a group of politically correct residents of Natchitoches voiced opposition to the flag, and therefore Posey caved on the issue. But, in the process, the mayor has upset a slew of parade-goers and organizations scheduled to participate in the Christmas festival.

For instance, the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), who have participated in the parade for more than 20 years, are outraged by Posey’s decision and said they would not be participating this year in the parade.

Apparently, Posey tried to compromise with SCV, asking that they use any other flag but the Confederate flag. However, that request did not sit well with SVC and they instead rescinded their participating from the parade.

A representative for SVC told WWL that Posey was caving into a group of concerned citizens, saying “political correctness wins the day.”

But, Confederacy related groups are not the only ones backing out and boycotting the Christmas parade because of Posey’s decision.

A source close to the Hayride, said a group of Shriners are now saying they will not participate in the Christmas parade because of the controversy and the safety concerns that have arisen because of Posey’s actions.

A member of the El Karubah Shrine posted on Facebook that the “decision was made after consultation with law enforcement personnel, the Colonel of the Units, and polling of many of our parade participants. Christmas should be a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, instead of promoting political or social agendas.”

Even more politically correct, the Pleasant Hill beauty queen was told by the city that she would not be allowed to participate in the Christmas parade because her crown has a Southern cross on it. The beauty queen, however, is required to ride in the parade, so the city back-tracked and said she could participate as long as she did not wear her crown or have any flag flying on her float.

Posey’s decision to ban the flag from the parade is similar to Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s of New Orleans decision to request having a number of famous historical monuments removed because of a select group of residents who claim the monuments are offensive.



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