St. John Bel Blew Off Southern University Students To Hang Out With Trial Lawyers

Once again, we have proof that St. John Bel is going to put entrenched special interests over the people of Louisiana. Last night, David Vitter was the only gubernatorial candidate to take part in a forum at Southern University. St. John Bel, whose party is the overwhelming choice for Louisiana’s black population, was nowhere to be found.

St. John Bel had this excuse on Twitter:

What was St. John Bel doing instead? He was hanging out with his trial lawyer chums. Personal injury attorney Gordon McKernan hosted a fundraiser for the patron saint of the trial lawyers and ambulance chasers.

My, my that’s a very white crowd there. That crowd is almost as white as the MSNBC lineup. Blowing off a forum put on by a black publisher at a Historically Black University just doesn’t look good. That’s particularly true if you’re going to hang out with such a lily white crowd.

It’s not that St. John Bel is a racist. After all tonight, he’s going to a night club that’s targeted at a black clientele. It seems that St. John Bel is afraid to debate David Vitter. After his performance on Tuesday night, it’s clear why. St. John Bel would rather hang out with drunken, low-information voters and/or left-wing hacks of any race than have to defend his ultra-liberal views before an intelligent audience. St. John Bel is probably one of the biggest D-grade lightweights the Louisiana Legislature has ever produced.

By the way, wasn’t St. John Bel complaining about David Vitter not showing up to debates; along with his fellow candidates Jay “Ephialtes” Dardenne and Scott Angelle?

What can we learn from all this? The answer is simple. Ordinary citizens of all colors will take the backseat in a St. John Bel administration to Louisiana’s entrenched special interests.

Here’s an exit question for black Louisianians: why do you allow people like St. John Bel to take you for granted?




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