The Low Popahirum, November 12, 2015


“Practically the entire GOP field is throwing around accusations, but the fight between the two senators got especially nasty.” – Politico

Chaos swept over college campuses around the nation Thursday, as the ousters of the embattled University of Missouri system’s president and chancellor earlier this week were followed by dozens of other student protests calling for more faculty and staff heads to roll.” – Fox News

‘Academic freedom’ used to be one of the major issues that the radical left paid close attention to. The modern institution of tenure, and the presumption that academic professors would keep their jobs in good behavior, dates back to the intense competition for professors after World War II. So while political pressures were considered, tenure was primarily used as a bargaining chip.” – Red State

“In response to a public records request filed earlier this week by The Federalist, the University of Missouri’s custodian of records released pictures today of the vandalism incident, reports of which shocked the campus and sparked protests that eventually led to the resignations of the university’s two top administrators.” – The Federalist

“I saw it in a rock concert more than 40 years ago, when I saw The Band’s Robbie Robertson for the first time. I saw it at the U.S. Open when Andy Roddick, playing perhaps the best tennis of his life, went down in straight sets to Roger Federer. I saw it during the original run of ‘Company” when Elaine Stritch sang “Here’s To the Ladies Who Lunch.’ At moments like these, you realize you are watching someone with an extraordinary gift”  – Politico

“During last night’s debate, Rand Paul did a great job of showing why we should all be thankful for his candidacy: His differing views on foreign policy.” – National Review

Another mediocre debate performance. No feel for the mood of the primary electorate. Poll numbers plummeting into the mid-single digits. Campaign contributions drying up. Stiff and awkward on the stump. An insider candidate groping for relevance in the age of the outsider.” – Politico

“And that’s just the warm-up. Donald Trump understands the dynamics of power, and absolutely nails the problems at the University of Missouri and Yale this week. Calling the spectacle at Mizzou “disgusting,” Trump laid the blame for it at the feet of Tim Wolfe for resigning under pressure, saying that Mizzou should have hired Trump as chancellor:” – Hot Air

Are the same radicals who influenced the burning down of parts of St. Louis at all influencing or even present at the University of Missouri?” –Breitbart

Keely Mullen, an organizer for the Million Student March movement, joined Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto on the air Thursday to discuss the movement’s demands for free public college, student debt cancelation and a $15-an-hour minimum wage for student workers. In the awkward 9-minute interview, Cavuto repeatedly cited facts and figures that seemed to fluster the student.” – The Blaze


“The race for Louisiana Governor is getting some star power.” –

At least one candidate for governor is already taking advantage of the early voting period.” –

Recognizing that Louisiana is a ruby red conservative state, Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards has frequently sought to attract crossover Republican voters by distancing himself from President Barrack Obama and national Democrats claiming he would bring a centrist approach to the governor’s mansion.” – Cajun Conservatism

Spending on TV political ads in Louisiana’s runoff campaign has topped $4 million, with more than a week remaining before the Nov. 21 election.” –

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s unpopularity in Louisiana has reached such levels that even a majority of those in his Republican Party disapprove of his job performance at this point, according to a University of New Orleans poll conducted last week.” –

“NORTHPAC, EASTPAC, SOUTHPAC and WESTPAC, the political action arms of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), announced their endorsement of Republican David Vitter in the race for Louisiana governor.” – Chad Rogers/The Dead Pelican

You may not have heard, but there is apparently a strict code of loyalty among Republican candidates in Louisiana. They follow the rule of never speaking ill about a fellow republican, and they always rally behind the parties’ choice against any democratic challenger.” – Jim Brown La.

Long before he was a basketball phenom in a faraway land, before he moved and became the No. 1 high school prospect in the United States, before he was tabbed as the likely first pick in the 2016 NBA draft — being compared often to Magic Johnson and hailed as the next LeBron James — Ben Simmons was simply ‘Ben from Australia.'”

Delgado Community College is offering a new program to help disadvantaged veterans move forward with education and job training.” –

An audio recording from a meeting of deputies in Beauregard Parish is making its way across the Internet. Some are accusing the administration of intimidating employees to vote for Sheriff Ricky Moses in the runoff election.” –




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