AUDIO: Mike Lee And Jeff Sessions Take Ted Cruz’ Side On The Amnesty-Legalization Question

This week has been an interesting lesson in how the media performs in informing the public on complex issues, and a disappointing one at that.

The issue in question being the Gang Of Eight immigration bill, and Ted Cruz’ amendments to it which exposed the true intention of the Democrats pushing that bill.

Cruz offered one amendment in particular which granted illegal aliens the permission to remain in the country, legally, but took a path to citizenship off the table. In selling that amendment, he presented himself as a fan of the legislation as a whole and stated an earnest desire to see it pass as amended. And he denied his amendments were poison pills as part of his message at the time.

Which was a pantomime anyone offering an amendment to legislation must put on, else the amendment will have no chance at success. It’s salesmanship, and everyone knows this who understands the legislative process.

And yet, as we noted last night, the media has acted this week as though they have no idea what a poison pill is and is taking Cruz’ statements while selling the poison pill amendments as face-value declarations of his support for legalization, or amnesty – essentially calling him a liar and “slippery.” These people know precisely what Cruz was doing and are playing dumb now, and it’s a rather distasteful spectacle particularly with respect to Fox News’ portrayal of the issue.

But two of Cruz’ Senate colleagues who also stood against the Gang Of Eight bill are pushing back against the play-dumb Beltway line concocted this week.

On Sean Hannity’s radio show today, Sen. Mike Lee, who is a friend of both Cruz and Marco Rubio, whose camp is most aggressively pushing the narrative that Cruz supported legalization, and thus a rather neutral arbiter of the controversy, didn’t mince words in his response…

Lee wasn’t alone in defending Cruz. Here was Jeff Sessions, who is the recognized expert immigration hawk in the Senate, on Howie Carr’s radio show today…



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