The Low Popahirum, December 18, 2015


Bernie Sanders has spent the equivalent of three full weeks less than Hillary Clinton on the campaign and fundraising trail since late September, baffling progressive Democrats who are anxious to see a livelier presidential primary contest.” – Politico 

“Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign reportedly has been punished by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for improperly accessing voter data compiled by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” – Fox News

“With the long-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening tomorrow, news outlets and social media have been abuzz with the expectations of a new generation of fans. But with The Force Awakens as the first of the films to be released in the age of social justice, the question must be asked: At a time when the slightest violation of PC orthodoxy can set off a deluge of listicles, cable-news segments, and general media outrage, can Star Wars survive such an onslaught launched from the Social Justice Media’s veritable Sarlacc Pit — more commonly referred to as Twitter?” – National Review

You might be reading this article on a smartphone that runs on a monthly data plan, after using your public transport pass to get you on the train that’s now taking you to the airport.” –

4 Things More Important To Obama Than Visiting San Bernardino” – The Federalist

“When I was about five years old, my friends and I invented for ourselves, as little boys will, a gang. We had a name (I cannot recall what it was), colors, insignia, rank, etc. But we were missing the most important element: an enemy. So we made one up, assigning various eccentricities to its more infamous members, filling in the backstory to explain our eternal hatred and rivalry. The challenge of that sort of recreation is that it demands absolute imaginative buy-in from the participants; as soon as somebody points out that there isn’t really an enemy sniper in the apple tree, it’s all over.” – National Review

“A long time ago, in the era we now know as B.T. (Before Trump), it was possible to envision a Republican primary campaign that would be a real contest of ideas, a clash of genuine policy visions — and therefore different from the empty I’m-not-Obama, no I’m-not-Obama contest of 2012. My favored scenario would have pitted Marco Rubio against Rand Paul: The former representing a reform-minded conservatism in domestic policy and a hawkish internationalism abroad; the latter representing a more libertarian domestic agenda and a noninterventionist posture overseas.” – New York Times

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Rubio and Cruz. Ted VERSUS Marco. That’s the news that is fit to print after this week’s Republican Primary Debate from CNN and Salem. You’ve seen several articles here at RedState about this new and epic battle. And the hottest part of this Hot Topic, and the source of many a Twitter Hot Take, is the “he said, he said” battle over immigration and who likes it too much.” – Red State

“Blasting the Republican-led Congress over a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that, among other things, fully funds Planned Parenthood and has the White House declaring victory yet again on fiscal fronts, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that the GOP should be disbanded.” – The Blaze

“GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News that Republicans in Congress ‘threw in the towel’ when drafting the 2016 budget.” – Breitbart


“Today four organizations with a demonstrated commitment to protecting and preserving the integrity of the historic landscape of New Orleans filed suit in federal court in New Orleans to halt efforts by the City to remove four historic monuments, each of which has stood for more than a century.” – Chad Rogers/The Dead Pelican

“Louisiana Public Broadcasting and the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication dissected the state’s gubernatorial election earlier this month through a series of panel discussions with journalists, campaign managers who worked on the race and political consultants.” –

John Kennedy hasn’t formally announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat David Vitter is vacating next year, but the state treasurer appears to be inching ever closer to making it official.” – Business Report

“Emergency crews responded to a fire the Exxon refinery in Baton Rouge around 4 a.m. Friday.” –

Blue Bell ice cream will make its comeback to Louisiana markets Monday December 21.” –

Crime cameras are now watching over some Terrytown neighborhoods.” – Fox8Live

A conservative group is drawing a line in the race for Louisiana House Speaker by purchasing time on television and radio to run attack ads against Republicans who might back a Democrat for the chamber’s top job.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Governor Bobby Jindal was in Westlake on Thursday to announce the final investment decision between Axiall and South Korean-based Lotte Chemical.” –

The Battle of New Orleans Monuments should come to an end through compromise. Mayor Mitch Landrieu should promote the compromise and thus become a uniter and a healer, rather than a divider and bully.” – Quinn Hillyer

Zatarain’s issued a voluntary recall Thursday of its 8 oz boxes of Red Beans and Original Rice for a possible dairy allergen.” –



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